Medium- and high-frequency electrotherapy for horses!

EquCellpen is wireless. It is practical to use and mobile.
It can be operated using one hand and does not require the use of additional components such as creams or gels.


The EquCellpen was developed and produced in Switzerland.

The EquCellpen


The therapeutic device for horses operates in medium- and high-frequency ranges, and provides analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment for injuries, such as pulled muscles or tendon and ligament injuries.


The electrostatic impulses can be used to treat degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, and joint inflammations such as arthritis.

The battery-operated EquCellpen also has a relaxing and loosening effect, which makes the treatment pleasant for the horses.


Treatment with the EquCellpen is non-invasive, and offers a drug-free alternative to conventional methods of treatment.


The magnetic waves increase cell metabolism and stimulate the immune system. This disturbs and interrupts biological cell communications, which boosts the body's own self-healing process.

The hand-made glass tip can be replaced and functions as an electrode. This is where the electric current is released from.





The shaft of the EquCellpen is ergonomically shaped and impressive in its elegant design.





The battery is inserted into the back of the device. A complete charge provides about 90 to 120 minutes of treatment.




Cog wheels are used to switch the device on, and to set the impulse frequency and amplitude (strength of current).





The light signal glows up blue, as soon as the EquCellpen is on. Now you can start your therapy.















The 3 different glasstips are handmade. Thanks to the different forms of the glasstips, a direct treatment with rotating movements for large areas, as well as a direct, selective and punctual treatment are possible. Furthermore, the indirect sparkling treatment for dermatological problems is effective.

















The EquCell Set includes the EquCellpen, 3 different glasstips, 2 batteries, 1 charging dock for the battery and a disinfecting fluid for the device.
















Use the quick guide. You can obtain a first impression here.


Purchasing the EquCellpen


Renting the EquCellpen

The EquCellpen is available with an introductory training course (Module 1 EquCell Academy). This teaches participants the technical skills required to use the EquCellpen. It covers basic knowledge of electrotherapy, teaches its practical application, and provides practice of various techniques for using the EquCellpen.
The EquCellpen with the set costs CHF 4'000.00 excluding VAT.


You can rent the EquCellpen on a weekly basis. You will be given a one-hour technical instruction session to ensure that the EquCellpen is used correctly. We recommend that you discuss the use of the EquCellpen with your vet.
CHF 60.00 / week, excluding VAT,
plus journey and training costs.





The different electrodes for the EquCellpen can also be purchased separately. The glass tips are hand-made, which means that each one is unique! Different electrodes are used for different areas of application: (all prices include VAT)
Glass tip without crystal:  CHF 390.00
Glass tip with crystal:  CHF 430.00
Curved glass tip:  CHF 410.00
Battery charging dock: CHF 125.00
Lithium-ion battery: CHF 98.00
Grounding wrist strap: CHF 136.00
Septo Clean disinfectant spray (70 ml):
CHF 7.65
Septo Clean disinfectant wipes (pack
of 10): CHF 12.25