The professional and specific training of specialists to become an EquCelltherapist ensures a high level of treatment quality and correct use of device.



Who is this training suitable for?

Electrotherapy is increasingly used as a supplementary treatment method for pain therapy, recovery, and prevention.


The EquCell training course provides experts in the veterinary field with the possibility of undergoing further training in the field of electrotherapy, thus obtaining valuable knowledge for everyday practice.




EquCelltraining consists of various modules with different points of focus. The basic module is compulsory for all EquCelltherapists. Their tool will be the EquCellpen, which is a battery-operated therapeutic device that generates a high-frequency current. Upon completion of this introductory course, you will receive a therapy set that is licensed in your name.

Study contents of EquCelltraining
part of the EquCelltraining consists of theoretical knowledge selected and compiled for you by experts. At the same time, ActivCell AG generates a know-how pool with valuable knowledge from the therapists’ everyday practice. Training to become an EquCelltherapist will provide you with free access to this knowledge and you will be invited to join the EquCell community. This means that you will obtain access to a comprehensive network of experts that enjoys an active exchange of knowledge and documents



Introductory course

This teaches participants the technical skills required to use the EquCellpen. The course covers basic knowledge of electrotherapy, teaches its practical application, and provides practice of various techniques for using the EquCellpen.



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